From the end of May and on through the beginning of June, the bluefin tuna makes its way from northern waters into the Mediterranean. It’s during this time that the almadrabas are installed in various points along the southern coast of Spain.

“Almadraba” is an ancient fishing technique dating back to the Phoenicians.

The word almadraba comes from Arabic and means “the place to strike or fight.” It is a fishing art that was used by the Phoenicians along the coasts of Cadiz and then later, by the Romans. It consists of setting a maze of nets along tuna routes. Today, they are still set along the coastal towns of  Zahara de los Atunes, Barbate and Tarifa. This technique is not aggressive and respectful of the species and the environment.

During this time, these coastal towns come alive with gastronomic contests and festivals in search of the best interpretation of the perfect tuna dish. For many visitors of the Marbella Club, one of the best ways of getting an in-depth view of this ancient art and how it’s influenced Andalusia’s culinary history is to embark on one of our signature MC Experiences, The Tuna Route.

The bluefin tuna is considered a delicacy in Spain.

You will travel with a personal guide to the nearby city of Barbate in Cadiz, where fishing and tuna conservation is part of a cultural tradition.  In this route you will gain hands-on knowledge through a detailed tour of one of the almadrabas on to seeing first-hand the cutting and preparing of the tuna, and then on to the factories where it is dried and preserved as one of the best-valued products in the world.

To end the the vist on a perfect note, you may also partake in a cookery class, where a local chef will show you how to make traditional dishes with this delicacy.

While the best time to visit is the month of June, alternative routes can be personalised throughout the year.

What’s included in your Tuna Route?

A private transfer to Barbate in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, with on-board Wi-fi and unlimited mineral water. 

An experienced, Spanish and English-speaking private chauffeur.

A personal guide who will take you to the Barbate fishing port, a drying factory. Enjoy a tuna tasting menu at a local restaurant. Cooking classes are also on offer.


To book a Tuna  Route or to learn more about other MC Experiences offered at the Marbella Club, please contact our Concierge department.

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