Today on International Women’s Day, we celebrate equality of basic rights. For this special edition of “This is Who we Are,” some of our team members speak about why their passion for the Marbella Club goes beyond their everyday tasks and the work dynamic found at the hotel.

Isabel Pérez, Director of Human Resources.

Isabel, Director of Human Resources

I’m Isabel Pérez, Director of Human Resources at this hotel. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say that most of my professional career has taken place at the Marbella Club and Puente Romano, where I began to work right after finishing my studies.

I wanted to continue working in the IT department, and I was offered the chance to help the HR department in implementing a new programme. I accepted and, after two years, was sent to the Marbella Club to help them do the same. This was the year 2000 and to this day, I’ve been fortunate enough to form part of this great family.

I’m aware that it’s unusual to spend nearly 20 years with the same company, but I think that working here has surpassed any of my initial expectations. When my boss retired in 2008, I was named Director of Human Resources. During this time, I’ve learned to work arm-in-arm with different directors and managers, always with the utmost respect – I hope to have achieved this.

I’m particularly proud that our staff enjoys some of the best working conditions in our industry. This provides security for our employees and I’ve always believed that an employee that is happy with his conditions is a happy employee, and that inevitably and positively reverts back to how the guest is treated.

Lastly, I can proudly presume of having the best team around me that can help me grow professionally and personally. Thank you to my partners on this journey!

Jessica Mesa, Front Desk.

Jessica, Front Desk

A big part of my life is my dedication to my job, being eager, feeling motivated and bringing forth lots of effort toward all of those people who have chosen our hotel so that they leave having had an unforgettable experience. So that they want to return and learn even more about the Marbella Club…

I’ve been working in the hotel industry for the last 12 years and nearly four years in this company. When I arrived, I could see my dream come to life and I was awarded for my effort. It makes me happy to share experiences with great professionals who have such an impressive career.

But, the thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction is knowing that I work in a company that takes care for and nurtures their guests and goes to great lengths to make the impossible happen. I arrived at the hotel by chance (or by destiny!) and I stayed because the Marbella Club maintains the essence of a family-run business, an authentic seal of quality and tradition, has a team that is empathetic and natural, and an honest ownership. I hope that we can learn to maintain that spirit, which makes us truly incomparable.

Laura Piñero, Marketing Manager.

Laura, Marketing

My work consists in pulling together all marketing content seen within the hotel. It’s a job that requires being organised and creative and being constantly in contact with the various departments to be able to create and execute the material they need to make their areas succeed.

Although it is an “office job” and it’s true that I often do miss being in direct contact with the client, it’s so incredibly satisfying to see that the job I do goes beyond our office walls and reaches so many people.

I arrived in July of 2013 just before the hotel’s rebranding, after spending six years in England (I missed the SUN so much!).

I feel privileged to live in the place that I’ve always loved and do what I love. But, without out a doubt, the most important part of my job is the people whom I share it with everyday. For me, it says so much that I wake up in the morning wanting to go to work and that has so, so much to do with my team. Without them, it just wouldn’t be the same!

Carolina Escudero, Housekeeping Coordinator.

Carolina, Housekeeping

I started to work at the hotel as a Management trainee in the summer of 2013, learning all about the basic functions of the various departments so I could begin to develop my role as a butler at Villa del Mar.

Later, I took on a new challenge in the Housekeeping Department as Assistant Head of Housekeeping and, since 2016, I’m the Housekeping Coordinator. I’m in charge of organising all our housekeepers, planning their schedules, foreseeing our weekly workload, ordering flowers, etc. In essence, coordinating the daily tasks of our team every day.

What I most like about my department is the union that exists among us all. Working with people that you know you can count on is fundamental for me.

Brittney Vander Maiden, Kids Club.

My name is Brittney Vander Meiden and I work at the Kids Club. I’m lucky enough to have been working over the past three years at one of the best kids clubs in the world.

At the Kids Club, we do all sorts of activities, where little boys and girls participate alike.

The cooking workshop is one of them. When we cook Mediterranean-inspired dishes, we go to the vegetable garden to discover and collect what’s needed for the day. We also make delicious desserts.

The Aroma Lab is another great workshop, without a doubt one of my favourites. In our “Nose Tour” we start at the aromatic herb garden where we discover the various properties of each herb, so that we can later create a relaxing sleeping satchel, scented candles or perfumes that smell of the Marbella Club.

We also do other activities in the garden where, through traditional games, we encourage teamwork, giving them the chance to work together to reach a common goal, developing their creativity and solving problems by exchanging ideas and learning from others.

I love to see all of the children enjoying the activities that we do and I’m so proud when they leave happy wanting to return.

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