When it comes to building our team, we look for people with an innate passion for service, an enthusiasm for strengthening the industry and bringing fresh ideas to the table that can help us grow as a company. These are some of the people that redefine our evolving company culture and embody the Marbella Club philosophy.

Name: Ana Riveros

Title and department: Waiter’s helper

Time working at the Marbella Club: Seasonally, for 8 years

How did you end up at the Marbella Club and why did you want to work here?

I arrived at the Marbella Club in 2011, and for me, it was just a summer job since I was still studying. I decided to return the following year because of the way the entire team made me feel, and how they made me part of their success when we continually met our guests’ objectives. Because of this, I feel fortunate to be part of the Marbella Club team.

What’s one of the most interesting things to have happened to you while you were working?

An interesting anecdote: One night, a frequent guest asked for his bread to be toasted “as black as your pants”. Even now, every time this guests returns, we laugh over it.


What’s the thing that you most like to point out about the hotel?

I would say the team spirit, the humility, knowing one’s place and the respect that we have for one another. This makes every day special and helps us to connect with our guests.

In the time that you’ve been here, what’s been your best moment?

The best moment is when you feel that everything has gone perfectly, both when working in the restaurant or when I’m working as a butler. I also enjoy learning and growing professionally.

If you could spend a day working in a different area of the hotel, which would it be and why?

Well, since I’m such an organised and tidy person, I would love to spend a day with the Housekeeping staff, learning about their jobs.


Villa del Mar’s impressive entrance.

What is your favourite place in the hotel? And in Marbella?

This is a tough one because I have so many! One of them is Villa del Mar, since I’ve worked there as a butler on several occasions. Every time I return I’m impressed by its high ceilings, its gardens or the entry hall lamp. Another one is the incredible sea view and view of northern Africa from room 317.

I’m not originally from Marbella, so I’m going to say one from my hometown, Tolox. It would be the Tolox Spa, which has gardens very similar to those of Marbella Club.


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