When it comes to building our team, we look for people with an innate passion for service, an enthusiasm for strengthening the industry and bringing fresh ideas to the table that can help us grow as a company. These are some of the people that redefine our evolving company culture and embody the Marbella Club philosophy.

Name: Raquel Peña

Title and department: Spa Manager, Wellness Department

Time working at the Marbella Club: 12 years

How did you end up at the Marbella Club and why did you want to work here?

In 2006, I was working as a sports therapist at the Puente Romano Tennis Club and following a year aboard a luxury cruise liner in the spa, I returned to Marbella on holiday. I was thinking about going back to cruises. I didn’t even know that the Marbella Club had a spa and I was told that if I really wanted to know what a luxury spa experience was like, to contact the hotel. When they hired me, I decided to stay put in Marbella for some time.

What do you like most about your job and why?

Creating! It’s wonderful to have a platform for my ideas to be heard and, above all, that my ideas can come to life with the proper support system. For example, we’ve created signature treatments based on our therapists’ expertise. We’re proud to say that one of them is one-of-a-kind in the wellness world! We invite you to really delve deep and read more about them, because the experience is marvellous.

Could you tell us a funny anecdote or is there anything that stands out to you while you’ve been here?

I’m not sure if this is very appropriate but, when I worked as a therapist, one day I went into the treatment room to begin the session – typically the guest will be laying on the bed covered in a sheet – however, the guest was standing, totally naked and had put his spa underwear coverup on his head. Obviously, I wasn’t clear enough on the instructions. I have to admit I had a good laugh that day.

The Thalasso Spa at the Marbella Club.

After all of your time spent at the hotel, what is the thing that pleasantly surprises guests the most? What do you most like to point out about the hotel?  

It’s the relationship with the client, the people that make up our team every time. We have a large staff at the spa, with an average employment history of 10 years at the hotel. Finding that in any spa is unusual. Our guests are so excited to come back year after year and see familiar faces and, of course, their favourite therapists.

What has been your all-time favourite moment at the hotel?

I’ve passed through nearly all of the positions at the spa, from therapist to receptionist and assistant manager. I think it’s so important to understand each job to manage them well.

A lot can happen in 12 years! It’s given me time to get to know very special people that are now a part of my life. Not long ago I was at a former colleague’s wedding in Romania who is now one of my best friends.

There are so many colleagues at the hotel whom I admire professionally and personally. In a way, we treat our co-workers and our guests as an extended family.

If you could spend a day working in a different area of the hotel, which would it be and why?

Guest Relations or Front Desk. They’re areas that are also in direct contact with our guests and I think I could learn so much from them.

Our legendary Beach Club sits on the edge of the Mediterranean.

What’s your favourite part of the hotel? And of Marbella?

The Beach Club terrace…and the buffet!

And in Marbella – I know this is going to sound so cliché – but I’m originally from Marbella and there’s nothing like strolling along the narrow streets in Old Town and trying the food. You’re all invited!

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