#Stayhome Series

Just like looking at old photographs, there’s something about music’s ability to trigger the deepest of emotions and to transport us to whimsical, magical times where everything seemed so much…better.

We build entire parties around nostalgia during our summer El Patio parties, but we also tap into the history and very spirit that defined the Marbella Club throughout the years in the music that you hear in our restaurants and common areas. But beyond nostalgia, we also wanted to define our spaces today, each with their own mood and intrinsic personality, through music. 

Just as important as the decor itself, music allows us to set the tone, making each one of our guests an accomplice of the ambience that we want to create. 

Prince Alfonso and La Chichi dancing flamenco in what is now known as Rudi’s.

To balance the past and the present, we asked London-based DJ and Music Curator, Emma Shenkman, to pull together a music library for places like the Beach Club or the Prince Alfonso Salon. With a childhood deep-rooted in soul, blues, jazz and even country music, Emma started DJing at 20 and leading crowds through musical time-warps.

“Sometimes, not often, you come into a space like The Marbella Club where there is a real history and an ethos. You can feel it the moment you walk through the beautiful entrance to the hotel. It’s a very unique place, which for a lot of people is like a second home. Therefore, I felt it was extremely important for me to honour this feeling you get,” says Emma.

In Part I of our “Sounds of”, we’ve made our playlists available on Spotify by clicking on the links below. From Nina Simone to Black Sabbath, from Sade to the Bee Gees, we promise these will have you seeing a mirage of the Mediterranean through your window or wishing you could sip on a crisp Martini at the bar.

The Sound of the Beach Club

The Sound of MC Beach

The Sound of Rudi’s

Stay with us for Part II. Until then, take a look at the rest of our #StayHome Series, dedicated to those who – just like us – cannot wait to return to the Marbella Club. Try a DIY body scrub or thank your hero and win an escape to the Marbella Club soon.

12 thoughts on “THE SOUNDS OF (PART 1)

  1. We miss beautiful Marbella.
    We hope to visit very soon the hôtel of our dreams.
    All keep safe
    All keep well
    And shortly we will all be back in unique paradisiaque «Marbella Club »

    1. Thank you so much Philippa, this is so sweet of you. Cannot wait to see you all again!

  2. Magical Marbella Club! The crown jewel of Costa del Sol 🌞 For sure one of my favorite places in the world. Thank you for this playlist..Mediterranean dreams..the atmosphere, elegant simplicity which makes one immediately relax and enjoy… hope to see you soon again 🙏

    1. Vivien, thank you so much for your kind words! We hope these will help you float back to the Marbella Club in your mind. We hope to see you again very soon!

  3. I can’t wait for a delicious Dry Martini on Rudi’s. Such a extraordinary memories were helping us in our quarentine !! The real luxury in the world you are !

    Hugo and Carmen O’Neill
    Princes of Clanaboy

    1. A Dry Martini sounds incredible right about now! We can’t wait to “cheers” with you again…. Stay safe!

  4. Todo lo que sucede aquí es mágico, cuando la magia está presente puedes sentir ese feeling que nos rodea .. el mar , la naturaleza , los aromas que desprenden los jardines .. las velas de la noche … todo está especialmente cuidado y pensado para que la magia esté presente …

    1. ¡Estamos totalmente de acuerdo Paola! Y que suerte que nos hayas ayudado a conseguir esa magia. ¡Estamos deseando verte de nuevo!

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