You already have a steady fitness routine going. Yoga in the early mornings and spinning a few afternoons a week. So when you need a an extra push when it comes to conditioning with body weight resistance, working out on Pilates reformers has been a tested way of building strength and a strong core.

Designed by Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates, the machine was originally created as a means of providing a full-body workout for dancers and athletes, but also as a way of preventing illness through exercise.

Joseph Pilates, creator of the Reformers.

Reformers may make a dramatic impression upon first glance, but none as impressive as the results on your body condition. The machines consist of a sliding carriage rigged with springs, bars and straps, which allow for an exceptional full range of motion.

The Marbella Club Pilates Studio counts on Cadillac, MV Chair and Reformers.

The multiple attachments mean that you can adjust the degree of difficulty according to your skill level and guarantee you’ll move your body through a greater range of motion, something you may not be able to do on your own. Weight loss and lean mass gain are just some of the results that stem from a regular workout on the Pilates reformers.

This summer, our Pilates Studio has grown to include Cadillac, MV Chair and Reformer machines. Aided by head fitness trainer, Ana Durán, cited in Condé Nast Traveller as an A-list professional, both in-house guests and professionals can go further into the Peak Method, the one that best abides by Joseph Pilates’ original methodology.

Ana Durán is a leading Pilates and fitness trainer.

Our Pilates Studio is located just opposite the Gym by way of the Nail Studio and is an airy space, full of light. After a personalised training session, guests can then continue on their wellness routine with a Thalasso treatment at the spa or can even browse inside the Holistic Studio for a chat with our Wellness Experts.

For more information on how to book your private or group lesson, contact the Wellness team at wellness@marbellaclub.com.   

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