Have you ever asked yourself why leading a balanced life is truly important?

Life is in itself holistic. It’s a “whole” comprised of many aspects. Our health is based on our physical and mental wellbeing and, the balance between these is fundamental. If one of these two aspects isn’t compensated, our health, in one way or another, can be compromised.

The Qest bioresonance system serves as additional support to our integrative nutritionists.

In search of the most efficient methods to help find and restore that balance, our team of integrative nutritionists counts on a new system of analysis. Qest is a bio-energetic screening system that provides information about the root causes and energetic impulses of a client’s health problems. It analyses the current body blockages where health needs to be restored and helps to provide the client with the best remedies to bring impulses back to balance from a nutritional perspective.

How does Qest work and how does it help our nutritionists?

You will hold two magnetic bars connected to a plate that will emit frequencies. The machine will then measure the body’s reaction to these frequencies and will see what energetic imbalances are present in specific parts of the body, like organs or glands.

The Qest machine is only used as a tool to restore health physiologically and is a perfect complement to the 90-minute Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultations, which kick off all of our Lifestyle Programmes.

The Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultations kick off all of our Lifestyle Programmes.

Your nutritionist will help to further personalise your treatment plan, fitness activities and nutritional recommendations to follow during your stay based on the Qest results.

A healthy and conscious diet, adapted to your own needs, will help you to feel a sense of wellbeing, where your health and your mood flow in unison.

Now, which programme would you choose?

Learn all about Qest and our integrative nutritionists here.

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