Pepe is one of 18,000 farmers in Andalusia, and one of 11,000 who are particularly dedicated to planting fruits and vegetables. The road to his finca in Coin from the Marbella Club is short (just 30 kilometres), but the journey there is stunning.

Pepe, proudly holding the “Toro” tomatoes he grows.

Up through one of the historic parts of Marbella, passing by the pine-tree covered Llanos de Pura and bordering the white-washed town of Ojén, a discreet dirt path ends at a small clearing, just wide enough for a few trucks to park side by side.

Five varieties of lettuce and limes, among the many products that make it to the Marbella Club.

The view beyond couldn’t be more…green. Cauliflower, apples, tomatoes, green peppers, nuts, limes, avocados. Rows and rows of lettuce sprout from the ground. Five varieties in total and one in particular, reaching calf-high, is perfectly imperfect. Bouquets that flourish in this cool soil, totally free from artificial pesticides and hand-picked that very morning will reach the kitchens of the Marbella Club by midday and on the Beach Club buffet by 1pm, and later, will make its appearance on the Lobster Salad at The Grill by 9pm. Crunchy, almost nutty but, more importantly, fresh.

Executive Chef, Juan Galvez (right), surveys Pepe’s finca for the season’s produce.

Pepe joins the ranks of a long list of producers that operate quite close to the hotel and that have been hand-selected by Executive Chef, Juan Galvez, not just because of the quality of their products, but because of the ardent passion that each and every one of them show for their trade. Their methods of production, mostly organic and chemical-free, will also play a large part.

See more from our trip to Pepe’s farm here and follow closely to get to know our local partners.

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