Nearly every turn at the resort is met with an unforgettable scent, a mix of orange blossom, jasmine, salt and aromatic herbs. Thanks to the more than 320 varieties of plants and flowers that have been introduced by founder Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, our gardens serve as a major point of inspiration for our gastronomic offering, from our bespoke tea collection to dishes at the Grill.

Our mixologists – devoted to the art of devising and creating cocktails for our guests in places like the Champagne Room – find new ways of spinning the classics thanks to fruits and herbs found throughout the resort.

From the Herb Garden to the Summer Bar, see how our cocktails are created from within.

The signature Sau Sau, for example, can amplify its acidity with the calamondín, a hybrid between the orange and a kumquat, resulting in a small, hard and compact fruit with a sweet exterior and acid pulp. Rich in Vitamin C, the calamondín also bears a white aromatic flower – the perfect combination to decorate and naturally infuse our Summer Bar.

The Garden Gimlet.

What does the Marbella Club taste like? Try a few of our herb-inspired cocktails below at the Summer Bar:

Sau Sau

A classic of the Marbella Club, it refers to the “South Side” of Chicago, where the cocktail originally stems from.

6cl Vodka

3cl Lemon juice

2cl liquid sugar

Soda water, fresh peppermint and calamondín for decoration

Garden Gimlet

Created by award-winning, MC Mixologist, Xavi Almeida.

6cl Gin

4cl MC Herb and Citric Mix

Juice of half a lime, thyme and lemon rind for decoration

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