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You’re pent up insde, perhaps a bit confused. Or frustrated. Or both. But you want to help! Here are a few guidelines on small and simple gestures that you can put into practice to effectively help from home. 

1. Make your own face mask (if you can). If you’ve ruffled around the  news, you may know that there is a serious worldwide shortage of respirators or N-95 masks and surgical face masks. While some governments are not addressing when exactly health professionals will be provided with more equipment, the CDC has now updated its guidelines to include homemade face masks as an acceptable form of equipment given the circumstances. 

If you’re crafty and your sewing machine is collecting dust, you can help your local hospital, pharmacy or nursing home by making big batches of face masks. There are specific requirements you must meet in order for them to be acceptable for medical use, so make sure you follow them by contacting the institutions that you’d like to support first.

The CDC guidelines suggest using high thread-count material like pillowcases and bedsheets that can “breathe”, like the post below. And while homemade face masks must be backed up by face shields when used by health professionals, they are of great support in the absence of any material. 

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This week included a plague & an earthquake but I’m done wallowing because people need my help. And keeping busy helps me. The US needs tens of thousands of cloth masks. Hospitals, nursing homes, everyone needs masks. I know my tribe, and when things get tough, we all pitch in. I’ve shared a tutorial in my stories for a useful mask based on my research. Many hospitals are posting tutorials asking for handmade mask donations & the CDC guidelines recommend their use in the absence of N95 masks. So, can you help? 💚 Hospitals are recommending high thread count materials (think sheets & pillowcases!) with a flannel lining, my research shows 6 layers of gauze has been used with success in the past, and even t-shirt material has been found to be useful at decreasing the contagion. so whatever you have on hand, I’d like to start a mask drive. @thesocorrofoundation, the group working with migrants at the border, has requested 3k masks. Multiple hospitals are asking for as many as they can get for both frontline medical staff & patients. As soon as my kids finish homeschool for today, I’ll put addresses of organizations looking for masks on my blog ( 💗 My goal is to coordinate an effort that gets 5,000 masks into the hands of those who need them. If 500 people each make 10, we will do exactly that! You can help by sewing masks, spreading the word to other seamstresses & teaching out to health care providers to find if there is a need in your area. Who’s in?! 💗 #inthistogether #coronavirus #maskshortage #makesomethinggoodtoday #helpinghands #makelifebeautiful #makersgonnamake #quiltersofinstagram

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2. Don’t share Fake News. Local and state authorities have alerted that when it comes to consuming and sharing information related to COVID-19, fake news can generate a stir and unnessary anxiety, particularly among the most vulnerable target groups in this crisis. What’s more, Marbella’s local government has added that they would take legal action against anyone found spreading fake news.

When it comes to the latest updates and information regarding COVID-19, take a look at these trusty sources:

Worldwide: World Health Organization

In Spain: Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar Social

In the US; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Locally: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

3. Shop Smart and Local. The most important selfless act anyone could do at the moment is to stay at home. Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have coronavirus. While limitations on lock-downs vary across the world, it’s important that you leave home only when absolutely necessary.

If you can, reduce the frequency with which you visit the supermarket and if possible, opt for shopping at your local food markets, as small businesses are some of the hardest-hit during these times and, often are fully stocked with those essentials we’re looking for.

Over the next few weeks, we will be offering our guests and readers tips to pass the time by tapping into our team’s expertise and guidance. You can find more on the #Stayhome folder on our Instagram page.

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