What is Energy Healing?

18 February 2019

The concept of feeling well has not only turned into a valuable industry, it’s also shed light on practices and ways of living once considered taboo or aloof. Not only are we more open to exploring new ways of feeling well, we’re also more comfortable talking openly about what’s going on inside of us.

With so many different types of novel diets and activities available (Keto, anyone?), sometimes it’s hard to read through the cracks.

For example, energy healing. Do you need to be into energies? Does that mean Western practices aren’t effective? What happens during an energy healing session?

Thankfully, the Marbella Club welcomes Coco Maruno, a Japanese-born Holistic Wellness Practitioner to answer all of these questions. Coco’s in-house residency will run from February to the end of March and will offer one-to-one sessions designed to combat stress, reduce tension and more importantly, restore energy flow into balance.

How do you define energy healing for someone who is not familiar with the term?

Different cultures have studied the body’s energy sources for thousands of years and have used various ways of stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal. When we talk about energy, we should think of it in frequencies. Both positive and negative thoughts have different frequencies. When we talk passionately about something that excites us, that has a higher speed. When we speak negatively about something or someone, that has a much lower frequency.

Energy healing is about helping you to have and emit higher frequencies. That means living with a more positive outlook. Positivity attracts positive energy, people and situations. It can help us tackle certain situations in a healthier way.

Who can benefit from energy healing?

People with anxiety, tension and a general pessimistic outlook. If you’re always asking, “but what if…” , an energy healing session can help.

But, it can also be great for someone who is just curious and has an open mind. You can always feel better!

Coco Maruno poses at the Holistic Studio, Marbella Club.
Coco poses at the Holistic Studio, at the Marbella Club.

What is an energy healing session like?

I like to connect with people with my Tibetan bowl, made of seven different metals and handmade on a super full moon. It has healing energy in itself! I use it as a measure to see what chakra is blocked or what the person’s aura is like, depending on the sounds emitted by the bowl.

I also use the Japanese tradition, Reiki energy healing, which has the highest form of frequencies. I always like to incorporate essential oils with a therapeutic grade, made of natural plants, which have a higher frequency than humans.

What is the energy like at the Marbella Club?

It is so positively strong! The people who work here are always smiling and it feels so natural.

Coco studied with a higher Zen monk in the holy mountains of Japan before a chance meeting with yoga teacher and celebrity Maya Fiennes. Her partnerships with Fiennes eventually led to a teaching residency in the Maldives, where her spiritual practise was consolidated. Take a look at Coco’s sessions and, if you’d like to book, please contact :wellness@marbellaclub.com.

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