With nearly 40 years of experience at its helm, the family firm, Cruz-Conde & Asociados, with its headquarters located within the Marbella Club, weighs in on one of the most sought-after visas in Spain.

What is the “Golden Visa”?

The Spanish “Golden Visa” is the residence visa that is granted to non-EU citizens who prove to have made a significant investment in Spain and meet the following requirements:

– Have not entered or remained illegally in Spain, or have not been denied entry into any of the countries of the Schengen area.

– Not be a citizen of the European Union.

– Be 18 years of age or older.

– Have no criminal records in Spain or in the country of last residence.

– Have public or private medical insurance valid in Spain.

– Have sufficient financial resources to keep both the applicant and his family in Spain.

– Prove having invested in Spain.

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What investment is necessary to obtain the visa?

Any of the following four:

1- Acquisition of Spanish real estate for a value equal to or greater than €500,000 (before taxes); or

2- Acquisition of at least 1 million euros in shares of Spanish companies, or a deposit of at least 1 million euros in the Spanish banking system; or

3- Investment in Spanish Treasury Bonds of at least 2 million euros; or

4- Realization of a business investment in Spain that generates employment or that has a local economic impact or a technological/scientific impact.


How long is the “Golden Visa” valid?

Once issued, its duration will be 1 year. After that, if the investment is still maintained, a residence permit can be requested for 2 years, and then for another 5 years.

For the renewal you must:

1- Hold a residence visa in force or be within the period of ninety calendar days from its expiration.

2- Have travelled to Spain at least once during the period authorized to reside.

3- Maintain the initial investment.

4- Have complied with tax and social security obligations.


How can I apply for the “Golden Visa”?

First, you must apply for the visa to the Consulate of Spain in your country, providing the documentation that accredits the requirements indicated. In certain cases, application can be done in Spain.


Can my family benefit from the “Golden Visa”?

Yes, the Golden Visa is extendable to family members such as husband/wife, children under 18 years of age, as well as children over 18 and ascendants (grandparents) who financiallly depend on the applicant.


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