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Back in 1984, design duo Manah – Hungarian artist Judit Nádor and silkscreen artist Rodrigo Marmentini – co-illustrated a brochure of the Marbella Club. Colourful, playful, it was a pure reflection of the Marbella Club way of life. 

The Marbella Club Magazine inaugural issue, featuring the work of Manah, an original archive image from 1984.

The illustration included everything iconic about the hotel. From the legendary pier staggering over the Mediterranean Sea to the Mexican-inspired thatched palapa at the Beach Club to the magestic Concha Mountain hovering in its protective state…every detail captured the carefree and sunny days of the Marbella Club.

More than 35 years later, the duo’s daughter, Zoe Marmentini, retouched her parents’ illustration for the cover of our inaugural issue of the Marbella Club Magazine, printed in mid-2019. 

Zoe Marmentini’s Kids Club colouring page, an homage to her parent’s work for the Marbella Club.

As a bonus, Zoe created a poster for our little guests, found in the back of the magazine. And, in honor of Leading Hotels of the World’s newest colouring book featuring the world’s best hotels around the world, we wanted to share our very own colouring page! 

You can download and print your very own colouring page HERE.

And please, don’t forget to share your colouring pages on Instagram by tagging @marbellaclubh. We will select and repost the best posts!


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    1. Do you I’d love to see them. I have two of puerto banus and the golf resort. I’ve found it difficult to find anything similar online.

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