Violets, beetles, chili…in a cocktail?  Marbella Club’s award-winning mixologist, Xavier Almeida, has designed a new, refreshing menu of cocktails at MC Beach. Inspired by the colours and fragrances found throughout the hotel during the creative process, Xavier has managed to transmit the hotel’s essence in every sip.

MC Beach is a Mediterranean twist on the classic chiringuito.

Some time ago, Xavier shared some of his favourite mixer recipes served at El Patio. Here, Xavier shares his notes and the thought process behind each of the new cocktails served at MC Beach:

La avioneta, a Gin Tonic inspired by a regular guest.

La avioneta

A Gin Tonic, inspired by the fragrant violets at the Marbella Club

A blend of: Gin, Marrasquino licquor, lemon, violets, rose pepper tonic

Where does it come from? This drink came about thanks to a client that is a Gin Tonic fanatic. He’s a pilot, so ‘La avioneta’ was fitting. This is a variation of the classic “Aviation,” converted into a gin mixer.

Perfect for: Daring Gin-Tonic lovers looking for a twist.

Bright green hues is the characteristic touch of the Junebug.


Vibrant and refreshing, tangy and fun

A blend of: Malibu, Midori, Pisang, sugar, lemon juice, pineapple

Where does it come from? A junebug is a vibrant green beetle that comes from North America, but oddly enough is seen throughout the Marbella Club.

Perfect for: Those who want a tropical drink with low alcohol content.

Tropical Storm, spice and exotic flavours.

Tropical Storm

A mix of daring flavours by the beach

A blend of: Rum Añejo, maracuyá, lime, orgeat, ginger ale, chili

Where does it come from? An adaption of the classic “Dark and Stormy”, adding tropical fruits from our garden and chili for an extra kick.

Perfect for: Brave souls looking for a twist on a classic.


Enjoy any of our new cocktails while having fresh Almadraba tuna sushi or a black paella at MC Beach. To make a reservation – and to see Xavier in action – contact us here.

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