When it comes to building our team, we look for people with an innate passion for service, an enthusiasm for strengthening the industry and bringing fresh ideas to the table that can help us grow as a company. These are some of the people that redefine our evolving company culture and embody the Marbella Club philosophy.

Name: Franco Chesi

Title and department: Guest Relations Assistant

Time working at the Marbella Club: 11 months

Franco Chesi, Guest Relations Assitant.

How did you end up at the Marbella Club and why did you want to work here?

I was fortunate enough to see the hotel as a child. The first time I came through the entrance I instantly fell in love with the gardens and the sense of calm the hotel transmitted. From that day I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to the hotel industry and to someday work in the little oasis. So basically, I’m lucky to be able to work with this great big family – a privilege and a dream come true.

What do you like most about your job and why?

What I like the most is being in direct contact with our guests and to be able to be an indirect part of their vacation, taking care of every little detail and bringing to life any wishes they may have during their stay.

It can’t go without saying, though, that what makes my job great is the team at the hotel. More than a team, we’re a big family, people you can really count on. Thanks to this bond, I think we make the hotel feel like a home to many guests.

What’s one of the most interesting things to have happened to you while working?

I have so many anecdotes, but none like my first day on duty as head of department. Legend goes that something always goes wrong on that first day but I, of course, don’t believe in superstitions. That day, I learned that traditions are a created in a hotel for a reason and, while I can’t go into detail as to what happened that day (must respect the staff-guest confidentiality clause), I can most definitely say that it’s a day I will never forget. I also learned that day that, at the Marbella Club, anything is possible.

Franco Chesi, Guest Relations Assistant.

What’s the thing that you most like to point out about the hotel?

One of the most surprising elements of the hotel are its facilities, the mature, dense gardens. But what our guests mention time and time again is just how at home they feel with our staff. In my opinion, beyond the hotel feeling like a little paradise, it’s the service that stands out.

In the time you’ve been here, what would you say has been your all-time favourite moment?

It would have to be my first day at the hotel. I remember how happy and motivated I was when I stepped past the entrance and knowing that my dreams had become a reality. I can only say thank you to my colleagues, who have accepted me as another team member.

If you could spend a day working in a different area of the hotel, which would it be and why?

I would choose the Sales & Marketing Department. I’m curious to see just how the day-to-day is, representing and talking about our hotel to the rest of the world. You could say that they’re our best ambassadors.

The legendary Beach Club is located seafront.

What is your favourite place in the hotel? And in Marbella?

My favourite spot of the hotel is the legendary Beach Club, its unbeatable views and the relaxed and happy mood. It’s a joy to see guests just how much guests enjoy this part of the hotel. And in Marbella, I couldn’t choose just one.

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