When it comes to building our team, we look for people with an innate passion for service, an enthusiasm for strengthening the industry and bringing fresh ideas to the table that can help us grow as a company. These are some of the people that redefine our evolving company culture and embody the Marbella Club philosophy.

Name: Ángel González Garrido

Title and department: Head Sommelier, Restaurants

Time working at the Marbella Club: 16 years

Ángel González, the Head Sommelier at the Marbella Club.

How did you end up at the Marbella Club and why did you want to work here?

I arrived in Marbella by chance from the UK because I worked for Marriott and, after some time, I was offered the opportunity to work for the Marbella Club. I had always wanted to work for a Leading Hotel of the World, and I got the chance to truly develop my career as a Sommelier.

What is your favourite part of your job and why?

To work as Sommelier means being able to be in contact with our guests daily and understand what they are asking of us. The world of wines is so complex and dynamic – there are no two wines alike- visiting wineries, leading tastings, scouting for new references…

What’s one of the most interesting things to have happened to you while you were working?

Some years ago I was lucky enough to serve an ambassador and, after spending quite some time with him talking about wines and learning from him, when I finally asked him to taste the wine, he said that he didn’t drink! He said wine was culture and the he, as an ambassador, had to be the perfect host. That included knowing as much about wine and having the best selection possible.

After so much time being around guests, what is the thing that most surprises them about the Marbella Club?

What’s most surprising is the feeling that time does not pass by, just subtly. That the hotel’s values stand above passing trends y that, though we are constantly evolving, our guests simply want us to do the best job possible.

What’s the thing that you most like to point out about the hotel?

I think the feeling of calm that is almost palpable, even though we’re right in our busiest period.

In the time that you’ve been here, what’s been your best moment?

I think our best moment is every time a guest congratulates us. It’s much better than any award or recognition.

How has your career evolved within the hotel?

I’ve fortunately always been Head Sommelier. But our evolution can be seen through our wine selection, having grown to nearly 400 different references. We’ve also created the wine tastings that we do every winter and autumn, which have a very exclusive and familiar feel. Also, the opportunity to consult and create the wine lists for the other hotels in the group, such as Nobu Ibiza Bay or El Lodge.

If you could spend a day working in a different area of the hotel, which would it be and why?

I imagine that I would work as a Concierge. I think it’s a fantastic job, with all that information and problem-solving that they manae on a daily basis.

MC Beach, the Marbella Club’s beachside restaurant.

What is your favourite place in the hotel?

MC Beach, at sunset.

And in Marbella?

I love the promenada in winter and the historic Old Town yearround.


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  1. Good article! The Old Town in Marbella i think is the most searched area in the winter time! I think people like Ángel González Garrido makes better places like Marbella Club. Kind Regards

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