When it comes to building our team, we look for people with an innate passion for service, an enthusiasm for strengthening the industry and bringing fresh ideas to the table that can help us grow as a company. These are some of the people that redefine our evolving company culture and embody the Marbella Club philosophy.

Name: Agustín Asán Russo

Title and department: Manager, Restaurants

Time working at the Marbella Club: 5 years

 How did you end up at the Marbella Club and why did you want to work here?

I came here thanks to a previous job at sister hotel Puente Romano and, know the prestige of this hotel, I worked hard to find a slot within such a magnificent group of professionals.

What is your favourite part of your job and why?

I like the day-to-day work. There’s always something new and each guest comes to experience something special. It’s up to us to make that experience unforgettable.

What’s one of the most interesting things to have happened to you while you were working?

I’ve been lucky enough to also work at El Lodge, our ski resort in Sierra Nevada, alongside a great team, where everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves. Every day is a challenge mainly because of the inclement weather, and you never know what to expect. Perhaps you start the day shovelling snow and then you end up helping your colleagues lift a fallen pine tree just in front of the main entrance (and all of this before lunchtime!). Every day was an adventure, but the team effort and everyone’s sense of responsibility goes beyond any impediment that may arise.

After so much time being around guests, what is the thing that most surprises them about the Marbella Club? What’s the thing that you most like to point out about the hotel?

Even though they might not verbalise it, the way we interact with our guests shape their memories and opinions about the hotel, and this makes them want to return time and time again.

Many of them, extremely well-travelled and well-versed in the industry, say to me time and time again that there is no place like the Marbella Club.

The teams that comprise the company, the respect and sense of comradery, not just within our department but extended to the rest of the group, is something that I value and tend to highlight.

In the time that you’ve been here, what’s been your best moment?

I’ve been lucky to have been promoted on several occasions and I’m incredibly grateful for this; however, my favourite moment would be when you finish a shift and see that everything has been impeccable. That’s when I feel most satisfied and when all of the effort that we’ve put in was worth it.

If you could spend a day working in a different area of the hotel, which would it be and why?

Since I have a degree in marketing, I would spend a day working in the Marketing and Sales department, seeing everything that has to be done until a client reaches the hotel.

The administrative department is also interesting for me, seeing what can be done to maximise benefits in everything that we do.

 Villa Añil, Agustin’s favourite place in the Marbella Club.

What is your favourite place in the hotel? And in Marbella?

My favourite place is Villa Añil. And in Marbella, my terrace 🙂


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