Among the leisure and relaxation activities offered by the Marbella Club Hotel wellness programmes, the Spa is among the most successful and revered by our customers. Our Thalasso Spa is, without doubt, a place for you to lose yourself in. Here, you can’t miss the chance to try our dynamic Thalasso pool.

Open since 2000, the Thalasso pool is approximately 100 m2 (1000 sq. ft.) with a perimeter of 45 metres (148 ft.). It goes no deeper than 110 cm (3.6 ft.), and the temperature of the water is maintained slightly below body temperature, which makes it very pleasant to relax in, even for long periods of time. The swimming pool is equipped with underwater jets and high pressure swan neck showers, offering a spectacular hydro massage for different parts of your body: legs, lumbar area, the back and neck, among others. Once you finish in the baths, you can prolong this marvellous sensation by relaxing on a jacuzzi bed inside the pool.

The benefits of thalassotherapy are based on the basic principle of osmosis which states that being submerged in warm sea water for approximately 10 minutes, a very healthy exchange takes place through our skin, which is hugely beneficial for our body. It eliminates “waste” and absorbs “nutrients” which we need. It is based on the exchange of ions and micronutrients because sea water is the closest thing to the blood plasma (holding the red blood cells).

Thalassotherapy is based on the principle of mineralisation which, among its many benefits, tends to lower blood pressure, leads to better sleep, balances the level of magnesium in the body, fights depression, helps to combat excessive weight gain and obesity, regulates circulation problems, aids recovery after surgery and improves breathing problems. Furthermore, the anti-stress effects of thalassotherapy are well-known.

The water in the Thalasso pool at Marbella Club Hotel is not treated with chlorine, rather with bromine, which is less aggressive to the skin, and its filters are purely organic.

Marbella Club hope you will be tempted to visit our Spa and enjoy the multiple benefits of our Thalasso pool. We guarantee you will start to feel the benefit from the moment you enter.


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