Exotic materials, spectacular designs, passing trends… These are superfluous values that become insignificant when considering true luxury: comfort, security, home. Homes as unique, genuine and exclusive as you.

BASS is a timeless concept, innovative and environmentally friendly. Its vanguard is as seasoned as the Mediterranean, profound, open and cosmopolitan, capable of combining the traditional ecological building techniques with the most advanced technology.

With more than 20 years of international experience behind them, Cristina Le Peuch and José Antonio Ortiz, founders of BASS, decided to settle in the south of Spain where they formed a perfect match alongside OÖD architects. The studio was founded by Bettina Rosasco Lindström, Danish architect specialised in bioclimatic architecture and Feng Shui and José Luis Manceras Rodríguez, an architect specialised in bioclimatic architecture and BREEAM expert. Together, they develop comfortable and comforting houses where health and energy efficiency lead the way.

BASS and OÖD architects opt for a bioclimatic and passive design that is sensitive to its environment. Every project attends to the microclimate of the location of the plot in order to benefit from the natural resources. This is the only that way to minimize the necessity of heating and cooling.

BASS houses, noble and natural materials. Living spaces endowed with an exceptional ventilation that assures the highest air quality inside the house to prevent allergies and other respiratory disorders. We create a healthy environment to live in, free from toxic exposure.

For BASS, there is no design without a precise and careful attention to the details that permit to combine beauty and functionality.

A BASS commitment is a personal commitment, every person, every family has unique necessities. From mutual and profound knowledge emerges the soul of a project that gives meaning and exclusivity to every project developed by BASS.

BASS is not only a philosophy, it is quality of life.


To know more about Bass Houses and their projects, you can get in touch with their team here:

Marbella Club Hotel, Of. 12 

Bulevar Príncipe de Hohenlohe 

29602 Marbella ( Málaga )

 (+34) 951 399 063

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