The Fast Four: Magalie Paillard

Our resident Lifestyle Coach, Magalie Paillard, inaugurates our new section “The Fast Four,” answering four quick questions about her role and why it’s such an integral part of life at Marbella Club.

Our approach to Wellness, as Magalie will tell you, is all about balance and getting back to basics so you can fully enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Magalie, how does Marbella Club view the concept of Wellness?

The concept of Wellness here is based initially on the renowned benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle which lead into the 4 Pillars of Health: nutrition, movement, sleep and mindfulness. We attach a lot of importance to Mindfulness. Our Holistic Studio is the core of Wellness where a little oasis of tranquility resides and where guests can come and attend activities and wellness seminars. Our Wellness Concept is also about educating, guiding as well as motivating our guests to lead a life, in healthy balance.

It is about taking time for yourself while being at Marbella Club and focusing on elements about your life you may not have time for or may not be conscious of.


The Holistic Villa, a hidden walled garden located in the heart of the hotel.


How does Wellness fit within a vacation setting? How does it add to our guests’ experience?

The idea is to have an array of activities linked to wellbeing for the guests who wish to carry on with their wellbeing routine whether it is physical activities, mindfulness, nutrition or all of them combined.

We try to inject wellness at every corner with weekly Wellness Talks at the Holistic Studio given by our resident Lifestyle Coach, new lifestyle programmes, holistic and spa treatments, a choice of  product brands for the Spa reflecting our philosophy, healthy juices at breakfast, daily Wellness activities, Kids Club healthy fun cooking seminars, as well as healthy options in all the  restaurants. We also host Lifestyle Retreats with our next one featuring the UK renowned Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton.

Can you tell us a bit about your role here?

My background is nutrition and nutritional therapy. I am passionate about motivating and empowering guests who have an interest in improving their health. My role is to ensure guests benefit from our Wellness programmes and Wellness services we have available here at Marbella Club. It is all about adding an extra special touch to their stay. What is also important is to work closely with our complete Wellness team (Fitness, Spa Therapists, Holistic practitioners) in order to create a united message that is fully integrated into the guest experience.

We are really blessed and proud to have such an amazing team of professionals ( practitioners, instructors, food & beverage team). Clients come back time and time again because they have established a solid and meaningful relationship with our team and what we offer.



Give us three quick tips for healthier living.

  1. Be patient. Everyone is on a journey when it comes to their health. Get to the finishing line, steadily. Work with goals and visualization techniques.
  2. Health is a triangle. Always remember to work on all the elements rather than focusing on a specific one: nutrition, movement/exercise and mind. We live in a world where we are constantly subjected to external stimulation and it is easy to forget how much of an impact it has on our general wellbeing. Let us not take our body for granted. Our Wealth is our Health.
  3. Do not follow the latest dietary trends out there. The best advice I always give with my clients is to look after their gut and microbiota. If you start there, you can hardly go wrong and if necessary, consult a qualified practitioner (nutritionist, personal trainer, coach, etc.) who has a functional training and holistic background to be able to take you to the next step in an integrated way.


About Magalie

I was born and raised in France until 21. I moved to England to complete my studies at the time. I received my  training in Nutrition in London over 12 years ago. My background was very clinical and based on Functional Medicine. I later trained in other therapies and became interested also in more holistic therapies.

My work included working with clients in medical practices, holistic and wellness centres, lecturing, writing articles as well as hosting nutrition events and programmes in London and Surrey. I later had an opportunity to work internationally and this took me to Mauritius, China, Dubai, Malta and now Spain!   

I am passionate about every element of health and how incredible our body works without us being conscious of it. My passion is also Healthy and tasty Food. I was trained as a Vegetarian and Vegan Chef in the US and it opened a new chapter for me. Honest and simple food can be incredibly tasty and healthy if using fresh and authentic ingredients. This is also our philosophy here at Marbella Club. The Mediterranean way of eating has been, time and time again, researched and chosen as one of the healthiest, with people living the longest on average.

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