The Marbella Club Hotel recently introduced a brand new collection of nutritional pathways devised by award winning nutritionist. Amanda Hamilton. The five pathways have been created exclusively for the Marbella Club Hotel to complement the hotels’s new wellness programmes and its health friendly status. Both, the Marbella Club Hotel and Amanda, believe that food should feed the body, mind and soul which is evident in the results orientated menus that Amanda has created.

We caught up with her taking advantage of her stay at the Marbella Club Hotel to talk about the nutritional pathways, the hotel and much more.

How could you define your relationship with the Marbella Club Hotel?

It is a partnership based on a shared outlook on health and wellbeing, with a mutual aim to create something long-lasting and truly special for guests looking to enjoy better health.

 Can you explain the philosophy behind the nutritional pathways that you have designed for the hotel?

The Mediterranean diet is already well-established as one of the world’s healthiest. The pathways have added more personalisation and functional foods, but in a way that’s almost indistinguishable in terms of what is served on the plate. So, you can slim with delicious menus, or detoxify using functional ingredients such as natural prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, all with dishes that look just as good as what’s on offer elsewhere. That’s one of the key experiential differences between our programmes at that of typical wellbeing resorts.

What was your inspiration to create the nutritional pathways for the Marbella Club?

I’ve long been inspired by the power of nutrition to create significant and long-lasting health changes. Working with excellent locally sourced ingredients and highly talented chefs just made it all the more enjoyable.

How do the nutritional pathways support the wellness programmes of the Marbella Club?

That’s easy. The pathways focus on wellness from the inside out, an ideal partner to spa and beauty treatments, or fitness training. You can’t cheat nature,your body needs good nutrition to truly get that wellbeing glow.

How does your view of health and wellbeing match with the ethos Marbella Club Hotel?

Well, personalisation is at the core of what I do, and clearly Marbella Club’s personal touches are just one of the many factors that keep guests returning year on year. I also approach my work with a long-term view, avoiding fads or quick-fixes and Marbella Club is one of those places where time stands still. I adore that and believe it is what so many of us that travel, work hard or are simply overwhelmed with information need more than ever.

What was the inspiration behind the healthy menus in all the restaurants of the hotel.

Given the local larder is exceptionally healthy there’s was no need to reinvent the wheel. I’ve balanced and presented them in a way that delivers nutrition rich dishes that make people feel and look good. And there’s more to come!

 What is special or unique about the smoothies and healthy juices at the Marbella Club?

They were designed to match guest’s needs, from performance to beauty, with sun protective ingredients. However, like the food menus, they evolve with seasons and exciting new healthy ingredients that still taste great.

In the coming months you will be hosting Wellness Seminars at the Marbella Club. What can people learn in these meetings?

We focus on subjects where there’s a lot of common interest, but go deeper into the subject. I often end up speaking to guests in a more casual setting too, once they know who I am and about my role on site.

You have also included kids in your collaboration with the Marbella Club. What can you tell us about the Wellness Workshops for Kids at the Kids Club?

Health begins with the younger generation! My workshops with kids are all about helping to bring together the stories of healthy foods, from earth to plate. We involve all the senses, often getting messy and tasting deliciously healthy foods along the way. Many parents report back that their children are more open about trying new foods and flavours afterwards. Kids are naturally curious and open to new ideas – and great fun to work with too!

 Where is your favorite location in the hotel?

There are so many! If I had to choose. I love the meandering paths through the tropical gardens and I treasure mealtimes in the classic elegance of The Grill, on a warm evening it is simply magical.

Can you describe what makes the Marbella Club Hotel so special?

Old school charm, incredible service, exquisite location and those finishing touches.

There are several restaurants in the hotel, how could you define the gastronomy of the Marbella Club Hotel?

Classically Mediterranean, very much in keeping with the seasons and local larder.

What’s your favorite quote or mantra you can’t live without?

This too will change. It might sound negative but it’s not. It’s a reminder from when I studied meditation to live in the moment. In Spain that’s somehow easier to achieve.

 Exercise routine you can’t live without…..

Having been in competitive sports in my youth I have to say that for me exercise is much more about sport than a routine. I have signed up for a triathlon this year so I’m doing quite of lot of swimming and running just now. When I’m on site at the Marbella Club my goal is to play well at the Sunday tennis mix-in’s!

3 foods you couldn’t live without?

Diversity and variety are at the core of a healthy diet so I would rebel against limitations! But, in terms of what is always in my kitchen…

Cauliflower – I make into cauli-rice with some turmeric and coconut oil and it is a vegetable that my kids can’t get enough of.

Eggs – pretty much a daily ingredient one way or another. Organic of course.

Marbella Club’s olive oil. I am addicted to it!

 What’s your favorite…


A strong coffee followed by a green smoothie. I keep it light in the morning.


MC Cafe Tuna tartare and a chilled coconut and goat’s cheese soup, or Gazpacho. At home I’ll make an omelette or something similar that’s quick and easy, or sushi on the move.


Eating out would be sea fish and seasonal vegetables with an occasional glass of fine wine. I’ll sneak a small bit of pudding if I am with my children too. At home I cook more vegetarian side dishes with some organic chicken or fresh fish. I eat out a lot when I’m working in London too.


I don’t snack too much but something like an oatcake and banana is ideal. Or some Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of honey.

 You always look amazing. What are your tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle?

Keep it real, I eat very little processed food. Exercise is medicine, your body is designed to move so find something that works for you. Lastly, try to seek balance and contentment in everyday. Don’t delay until some future point that never comes.


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